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Defining your personal brand to gain an edge in your career. This was the theme on the last weekend of November at Your Personal Brand Online Thinkonomy workshop. The Community invited several professionals to share some of their wisdom with Cluj youths. 

All the great advice and getting in touch with a new network, surely motivated the participants. On Saturday Raluca Culda taught us to find motivation and the real purpose behind what we are doing. We dug deep to find the first childhood memory linking us to our career. It turns out that recalling how it felt enables you to find the foundation on which you can base your personal brand, and build further on it. David Trayford helped us deconstruct and understand the elements of a personal brand. A teamwork exercise based on one of his creativity speed-challenges took a page out of the book of startup bootcamps. As David put it: if you can describe it in one word, then it works.

On Sunday, Róbert Morar showed us a lot of tips and tricks on the internet. Online presence best practices and an extremely useful toolbox to build your personal brand, write articles, create your own webpage or simply take your e-mail to the next level, were some of the more than twenty online tools presented. Before lunch, Réka György wrapped it up by presenting the world’s biggest freelance website called Upwork. She gave us a lot of know-how on becoming a full-time freelancer. Also, check out the aftermovie Réka created for the event.

Your personal brand online: Workshop

If you aren’t online, you don’t exist, so they say… But it’s not all the same, what kind of a digital footprint you leave behind yourself. You need to show the world who you are and we can help you get the necessary tools and knowledge to do that.

Lastly, we would like to thank the Com’on Cluj/Kolozsvár project for making this all possible.

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